We help founders, CEOs and senior executives in the healthcare industry become recognised thought leaders in their field

Focused on LinkedIn, we build organic and paid campaigns that reach and connect to your audiences, developing high quality, authority content that engages your community, grows your network and builds your industry reputation.

The key to successful and authentic healthcare thought leadership on LinkedIn starts with a deeper understanding of who you are, your purpose and what you can offer your followers.

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Share your expertise, grow your audience and build your reputation

Our mission at Make Business Social is to help organisations and their senior executives tell their story, to engage and inspire action among customers, employees and industry peers.

I’ve worked in healthcare PR and communications for 20 years and helped multiple companies and their executives develop thought leadership, and grow their presence on LinkedIn.

As well as creating campaigns and content for LinkedIn, we develop Executive Visibility programmes for senior executives, securing media and speaker opportunities which add depth and authority to LinkedIn profiles and company pages.

We thrive on providing a proactive, solutions-based approach to your business needs. As a small, specialist and friendly team we have the agility and knowledge to get focused on your business and deliver stronger results.

Helping you achieve your goals

LinkedIn is now the leading B2B social network for companies and executive looking to build thought leadership, engage customers and employees, enhance reputation, recruit talent and drive sales.

Whatever your goals, we develop organic and paid campaigns and content for LinkedIn that deliver results:

Thought leadership and executive visibility

We create campaigns and content that elevate executives’ presence, enhance their reputation, grow their following and gain the trust and support of employees, industry peers and customers

Talent aquisition

Prospective talent will use LinkedIn to gain deeper insights into your business and to explore and evaluate new opportunities.

We develop LinkedIn campaigns to reach diverse talent and candidates and highlight your business’ core values in imaginative ways

Employee engagement

Building relationships and trust inside an organisation is vital for a harmonious culture.

We develop LinkedIn campaigns that increase employee engagement by raising the visibility of the senior team and helping them champion employees

Social Impact

Highlighting wider social impact and contribution to communities beyond the business is integral to a company’s reputation.

We create LinkedIn campaigns and content that vividly tell your story, engage your communities and demonstrate your social impact

Increasing sales and lead generation

We create campaigns on LinkedIn that capture new leads, encourage sign ups and drive sales, in a highly targeted environment

Who we work with

We work with pharmaceutical, biotechnology and healthcare companies of all sizes, and their senior executives. We understand the challenges of working in a highly regulated industry.

Here’s how we helped a global pharmaceutical company develop a senior executive's thought leadership and visibility through LinkedIn:


  • A senior vice president at the company was inactive on LinkedIn.
  • She didn’t have the time to maintain a regular presence.
  • Compared to her industry peers, her LinkedIn profile was underperforming and created a poor impression for her and the business.
  • The communications team needed to increase her visibility and level of activity on the platform so she could demonstrate stronger leadership and authority in her sector.


We recommended a series of updates to optimise her LinkedIn profile and improve her ranking on the platform.

We developed a weekly posting schedule, including short posts and content covering company news, and events offering insights and opinion on industry topics.

Our healthcare specialist writers developed bi-monthly, longer form articles that provided more in-depth and disruptive opinion on current industry topics and news, based on her areas of expertise.



Increase in post engagement

An average 37 comments / 121 likes


Increase in post views

An average 1300 per post


Increase in weekly profile views

An average of 170 per week


Increase in followers

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Our Services

We support agencies, corporate communications and executive communications teams in the healthcare sector to develop campaigns, thought leadership programmes and ongoing content for c-suite, senior executives and company pages on LinkedIn.

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What are your current challenges?

These are some of the challenges our clients approach us with. If any of these situations sound familiar, we can help you.

We need to improve the visibility of our CEO, inside and outside the company

We need great writers who can deliver authoritative, high quality posts and articles for LinkedIn

We need a comprehensive plan to grow our senior team's LinkedIn presence, but I'm not sure where to start

Our PR agency can't deliver senior executive level content, we need help with it

Our CEO is posting content but his engagement is low, what can we do?

I know we should be doing more on LinkedIn but I don't really understand the platform

If any of these situations are familiar to you, or perhaps something else then get in touch. We would love to discuss how we can help you.