Welcome to Make Business Social for Pharma

My name is Chris Caudle and I have worked in healthcare communications and pharmaceutical marketing for the past 15 years. Through Make Business Social I want to offer a specialised service that helps clients in the pharma industry unlock the potential of the LinkedIn platform.

We understand the challenges of working in a highly regulated sector and the need to be creative yet compliant. We’re here to help you.

Focusing on LinkedIn first, we build original content programmes that grow the company page, senior executives’ profiles and networks and create authentic articles, posts and blogs that can be re-purposed and used across multiple channels and platforms.

A unique benefit of Make Business Social, versus traditional PR agencies, in addition to our deeper knowledge of the LinkedIn platform, is our extended team of medical and pharma specialist writers who come with years of experience, writing about pharma business, disease-specific content, R&D, commercial issues and industry trends. Having this technical and specialist knowledge in-house, enables us to quickly get under the skin of your brand, formulate insights and develop authoritative campaigns and content for your business.